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en caso de que no lo hayas notado — (es)

En caso de que no lo hayas notado, nuestros líderes, en todas partes, han deshumanizado a millones y millones de seres humanos simplemente por su baja clase social, su religión e incluso su raza. Vivimos en una parte del mundo … Continue reading

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atheist vs believer – (en)

Andrew, a staunch atheist, after passing away, came to a place with heavenly appearance, as a kind of living room amidst white clouds, where a man, dressed in white with a long beard of the same color, was sitting behind … Continue reading

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funny believers – (en)

Half the people in the world think that the metaphors of their religious traditions are facts. And the other half contends that they are not facts at all. All they just believe in different absurdities. The first are very funny … Continue reading

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divertidos creyentes – (es)

La mitad de las personas en el mundo creen que las metáforas de sus tradiciones religiosas son hechos. Y la otra mitad afirma que no son hechos en absoluto. Todos ellos sólo creen en diferentes absurdos, aunque los primeros son … Continue reading

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love! (note the sarcasm) – (en)

Love is two vowels, two consonants … and two idiots. Cloistered in my bubble of sarcasm, I never got tired of laughing on love, criticizing this absurd and corny happiness. I get out alone, and stunned I see everyone in … Continue reading

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the fly – (en/es)

I. Today I’m enjoying a perfect Saturday Argentine morning, free of bonds, with a bright spring sun not that hot and with not one cloud in sight. The sky is of a crisp blue that I haven’t seen for a … Continue reading

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