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mirk – (en)

Blood faded out down the drain, and the tearing screams subsided to finally disappear. It was then the turn of the credits of the film. The woman pressed the stop button of the video and three things simultaneously happened: the … Seguir leyendo

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oscuridad – (es)

La sangre se perdió por la alcantarilla, y los desgarrantes gritos remitieron hasta finalmente desaparecer. Luego le tocó el turno a los títulos de crédito de la película. La mujer pulsó el botón de parada del video y tres cosas … Seguir leyendo

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scare the shit… – (en)

The babysitter excitedly fidgeted in bed. It was an unrealistic and dreadful nightmare, which abruptly ended with that phone call. The room was dim and chilly, and she couldn’t find the phone. It continued ringing and she wasn’t able to … Seguir leyendo

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a night in iowa (re) – (en)

Alvin was almost frozen, although inside him a dull anger was burning and made him to curse his luck. —Fucking faggot! —he shouted, to instinctively take a look around to be sure nobody had heard his politically incorrect outburst. That … Seguir leyendo

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