the fly – (en/es)

Today I’m enjoying a perfect Saturday Argentine morning, free of bonds, with a bright spring sun not that hot and with not one cloud in sight. The sky is of a crisp blue that I haven’t seen for a while. One of those impeccable mornings in which, after I taste it for a long lapse of time, I decide to spend on what I like most: writing … I light a cigarette and open the slider to the garden so the smoke does not intoxicate the stance… the lawn just cut has a spotless green and the murmur of the water while purifying in the pool appears pleasantly relaxing and they complete the idyllic fresco that confess itself now in front of me.
She enters through the open window and, for once, encircles me at short distance like a tiny black and daring satellite inspecting the landing field. Just a quick spin, and a noisy one when she narrows the radius of the ellipse near my ear, while I follow her with a gaze as far as I can rotate my head …
Now she has perched in a angle of the table. Not far away. And I launch an imprecise slap that gets lost in the vacuum of the air without reaching its destination.
Mockingly, I think, now she sits on the opposite corner. And this time I take my time to calculate a quick and precise movement. Unprecedentedly, again, a failure.
With much sarcasm, I’m certain now, she dares to land on top of the screen. What audacity! And in that position… I think it’s risky to try to charge on her. I could shatter the laptop, or snap a finger, or both. Damn Bug…!
I’m watching her. What I can do? She, I know, is watching me. This is my house; I paid a fortune for it, who gives you permission to invade it at your will? Who do you think you are? Scoundrel Insect !
And then I reflect that this being may not have heard, in her short life, about private property. This is our world, certainly of both of us, and her world is without borders and religions.
Who am I to stifle her freedom?
I start writing as I watch her:
» The two big mistakes were the belief in a god in sky and private property…»
She doesn’t judge me, but she still bothers me a bit. I stop writing and I lean over the back of the chair. I watch her more gently and without the eagerness to destroy her… for being so free.
Gracefully she takes flight and goes by where she has come.
I’m still here. Now troubled and confused. And out of ideas to continue writing. Some more lines and I leave it for today:
“The two big mistakes were the belief in a sky god — that there’s a man in the sky with 10 things he doesn’t want you to do and you’ll burn for a long time if you do them — and private property, which I think are at the core of our failure as a species. That’s the source of my indignation, my dissatisfaction. I feel betrayed by the people I’m part of, these creatures, these magnificent creatures…”
Hoy disfruto una perfecta mañana de sábado Argentino, libre de cualquier ligadura, con un sol brillante de entretiempo, no muy caluroso y sin una sola nube a la vista. El cielo es de una azul nítido que hace tiempo no veía. Una mañana impecable que después de saborear durante un buen lapso de tiempo, decido dedicar en lo que más me gusta: escribir… Enciendo un cigarrillo y abro la corredera que da al jardín para que el humo no intoxique la estancia… el césped recién cortado goza de un verde inmaculado y el murmullo del agua que se depura en la piscina aparece agradablemente relajante; y ambos completan el idílico fresco que se confiesa ahora ante mi.
Ella entra por el ventanal abierto y, por una vez, me circunvala a corta distancia, como un diminuto y atrevido satélite negro que inspeccionara el campo de aterrizaje. Solo una vuelta rápida, y algo ruidosa al estrecharse el radio de la elipse cerca de mi oído, y que sigo con la mirada hasta donde puede rotar mi cabeza…
Ahora se ha posado en un ángulo de la mesa. A no mucha distancia. Y le lanzo un manotazo impreciso que vacío se pierde en el aire sin alcanzar su destino.
Burlonamente, pienso, se posa ahora en el vértice opuesto. Y esta vez me tomo mi tiempo para calcular un movimiento más rápido y preciso. Inauditamente, de nuevo, fallo.
Con mucha sorna, ya sin duda, se atreve a tomar tierra sobre la parte superior de la pantalla. ¡Qué atrevimiento! Y en esa posición, pienso, es arriesgado intentar embestirla. Me puedo cargar el portátil, o un dedo, o los dos. ¡Maldito bicho…!
Me quedo observándola. ¿Qué puedo hacer? Ella, lo se, me observa a mi. Esta es mi casa, he pagado por ella una fortuna, ¿Quién te da permiso a invadirla a tu antojo? ¿Quién te crees que eres? ¡Insecto canalla!
Y a continuación medito que este ser posiblemente no haya oído hablar, en su corta vida, de la propiedad privada. Este nuestro mundo, ciertamente de los dos, es también su mundo, sin fronteras ni religiones.
¿Quién soy yo para coartar su libertad?
Me pongo a escribir, mientras me observa:
“Los dos grandes errores fueron la creencia en un dios en el cielo y la propiedad privada…”
No me juzga, pero aún me incomoda un poco. Paro de escribir y me reclino sobre el respaldo de la silla. La observo ya con más amabilidad, sin afán de destruirla… por ser tan libre.
Graciosamente levanta el vuelo y se va por donde ha venido.
Sigo aquí. Ahora turbado y confuso. Y sin ideas para continuar escribiendo. Alguna línea más y lo dejo por hoy:
“Los dos grandes errores fueron la creencia en un dios del cielo – que hay un señor ahí arriba con 10 cosas que no quiere que hagas y te quemará por mucho tiempo si las haces – y la propiedad privada, que creo que están en el núcleo de nuestro fracaso como especie. Esa es la fuente de mi indignación, mi insatisfacción… Me siento traicionado por esa gente de la que yo soy parte, de estas criaturas, estas magníficas criaturas…”
The fly – by Dugutigi (with a little help of my missed  friend George Carlin)

Acerca de Dugutigui

In the “Diula” language in Mali, the term « dugutigui » (chief of the village), literally translated, means: «owner of the village»; «dugu» means village and «tigui», owner. Probably the term is the result of the contraction of «dugu kuntigui» (literally: chief of the village).
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28 respuestas a the fly – (en/es)

  1. I have fallen. And there is no
    solution to it
    other than devoting

    my gaze in this direction.

    My new friend, so glad of your
    acquaintance, and you like me so

    much that you bring
    nothing but poetry out of me.

  2. You have a devoted reader. I hear you.

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      You are writing better that I do, and I love it… the difference could be that I’m not a serious kind… as you sometimes look like… I’m devoted to you too, but you already know that…

  3. PS I am the surviving type…guess you could call that serious.

  4. What a nice office setup! 🙂

  5. alterego9221 dijo:

    that’s a really nice view, man:) funny story, though:)) and about the people…yeah…there are people and people, out there..

  6. Gnowee dijo:

    It’s very beautiful. I enjoy reading your articles.:)

  7. Silving dijo:

    Flies never inspire me in being so poetical, they are just annoying and pointless .Bees on the other hand…there I could write poetry, even if I am not good at it.

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      This particular one was a nice one… 🙂 On other hand is quite tangled to write a post with a bee flying around… 🙂

      • Silving dijo:

        Everybody is nice in your eyes, lady or fly, hm? 😀

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        Well, to answer – seriously- your observation, please read the last part of the post:
        “That’s the source of my indignation, my dissatisfaction. I feel betrayed by the people I’m part of, these creatures, these magnificent creatures…” This statement is closer to how I think than yours… but in public –this blog- I try to leave these feelings behind… and give my best face with humor –somehow.
        And yes: today -after too many delusions- I have managed that everybody around me is nice. Very nice indeed!
        Whoever no nice should stay away from me… I’m done with nuts!

      • Silving dijo:

        I am nice, I’ll stay.

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        I know you are nice. Complicated? may be… but nice in any case 🙂

  8. Of course you can dedicate an ode to a fly… after all poetry is about capturing the moment, the feeling… any feeling, crude, ugly… not only pleasant ones….
    and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder… or in his state of mind? 😀
    Managing to keep your healthy sense of humour in a world like ours… now that is outstanding!

  9. Loved your piece!!! It shows a wonderful view of simplicity. Just awesome!!!

  10. Ali Radwani dijo:

    Love the photo, nice lighting..

  11. PerceivingJocie dijo:

    Hey there, I found this post extremely interesting. Were it not for the title I would have thought you spoke of a lady at first. I really enjoyed the description you used to explain everything that occurred with the fly.

    I think the only thing that got to me was the lines you were inspired to write given the situation. It contradicts my beliefs greatly because I do believe in a God in the sky and private property.

    Yet I respect your feelings, although curious as to why you’d feel like that.
    That aside, your writing was very captivating. 🙂

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      First, thank you for your comment and for passing by this blog. I hope to see you back from time to time 🙂 and I believe you could find here several posts that no contradict your beliefs that I totally respect.

      That aside, as you said, and re god and private property it would be a matter of an endless discussion that is out of question in this comments area… and in real life by extension… I’m not trying to convince anybody and I understand that different people are happy with different things, so I have no right to opine on other’s beliefs… in the case of this post, you could see this reasoning line from the POV of the fly… and that’s all…
      Thanks again for your kind comment.


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