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the biggest lie – (en)

Let’s delve into the oldest and most successful lie: The State. Homo sapiens sapiens has been around for something like two hundred thousand years. Until shortly before the Common Era, the very last 1 percent of human history, the social … Seguir leyendo

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anarchy: a pamphlet – (en)

Anarchy is a word that comes from the Greek, and signifies, strictly speaking, “without government”: the state of a people without any constituted authority. Before such an organization had begun to be considered possible and desirable by a whole class … Seguir leyendo

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dancing with porcupines – (en)

The functions of all living beings are to be born, survive (i.e. nurture and ward off), multiply, and die. We’ll talk about ethics in other moment. What matters now is that selfishness is associated to reproductive function, and cooperativeness to … Seguir leyendo

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