zimmerman – (en)

He looks like a hardcore fatso, the he-goat. That mother had to suffer giving birth that bale, sonofabitch, apologies to his rents, and we criticize abortion, after a scandalous criminal recidivism, now under arrest, tomorrow back in the ends. Blood is warming. I watch his picture here in front and it’s not bringing the most peaceful night. Vexed typing this, and his hungry ape image is dully annoying, a clumsy and dangerous animal, cocky and aggressive, going down in history because the demagoguery and the shamelessness of the shysters, Cainites bastards American way, every one from their father and their mother who calved them. Justice as a joke, judges passed by the bisectrix of his hams, they won’t marry anyone, you know, TV’s there, blameless for the audience, classic, so he can keep doing damage, his house full of artillery, the little angel, with impunity, he also has rights and a little heart and all that farce. Then, the tide of cases of honest citizens, those who are crucify while offenders get away, be amazed, or be not: no more justice than that you can purchase. Almost kills her, already killed one, but no, we won’t take away his rights, running over this helpless bastard, depriving him of the presumption of innocence, 9,000 bucks and out of the pen, goes without saying, standard. Big Brother’s justice always rigging, engineering alibis, justifications: Not Honor I didn’t rape her, I trip over and shove it in her, That’s what I thought Mr. Defendant, you can go home, This has caused me a emotional problem I can’t tell, Nothing man, some personal therapy and back to your loose leg sleeping, Thanks Honor… Indisputable to the absurd. Laughter? at first, which is then going freezing. Total he didn’t kill many, one at best, a black, standard; women? none, the missus has been a misunderstood close call. The truth is that we are becoming more stupid. Shouldn’t generalize? Should I refine it? Okay, you are becoming more stupid. No. I’d generalize, it’s my blog. I, you, me. All of us, heads. Some actively, some passively. Some exercising as consistent assholes in all their glory, and others, next men, by keeping quiet to avoid problems, by consent, by swallowing it back, up, bent —needed accomplices— with or without Vaseline. Children slaughtered and blood? What horror! How inappropriate! How inconsiderate to show some pictures of marinated children in the last Syria killing fields! Showing corpses is hype. And this Zimmerman huddy? No man, that’s different, that doesn’t hurt our sensitivity, just café time reality, sordid voyeurism for all audiences, ordinary phonology, the one that turn most of us on, the kind that doesn’t hurt the sensitivity of those who don’t have it. Shakespeare’s Mark Anthony begins his famous funeral speech referring several times to Brutus as “a noble man”. And the plebs, fickle, but not completely imbecile, ends capturing the sense of his irony and want to make mincemeat out of the assassin. Put another way, the reading comprehension of the Romans was in this case, and broadly, appropriate. Here, now, we are said that we should presuppose Zimmerman’s innocence, again and again, and our reading incomprehension leaves us as panchos, and him squalaying in the street. Now imagine that you are in the Sub, texting on your galasi or as they write it, or reading a post —mine I hope—, and you find this dred, picture, I’m telling you, that instead giving him air, carried by a native drive you mutiny and chock him a bash … constructed already? … Good. Well, now imagine the amount of a brown thing you’re going to eat thereupon: You turnip-faced when a load of caps arrive in their crafts, and then, screwed, you start flashing with the carnival assembled: Assault to a well-dressed chubby, famous on the top. You already gasping. And as the thing happens in the Metro, with metropolitaneity and treachery aggravating. Outcome: several days switched in the corral as there is a god —although there’s not—, the mailbox full of legal literature for the next decades, lawyers, solicitors, court costs, fees, fines, surcharges, levies, scorn, punishment and corrective public chastisement, payments for injuries, psychological damage and lost wages, freezing of assets [if you have some left after the shysters], eternal joke for friends, for asshole, deep hatred of the missus, for asshole, the dwarves’ shame, the poor bastards, and associates, reh teh teh, reh teh teh. And you can hit your head with a flint, say thank you, Thank you Mr. Judge, if you fall under two years pen to move the nape back-and-forth and make the little car’s exhaust to avoid the chin checks, with the technicality that if it were me, I’ll do breaking news, safe, for conceited blogger and slimy anarchist.
Well, patience, there are pains that don’t go away with Ibuprofen, none of C-4, life has these pirouettes and some others, composure. A burner and phlegm. Lots of phlegm. And let’s see if the rudeboi is one day shitting with the wrong madman, of the rough progeny, neither gyaldems nor minors, for my peace of mind. So, as it should be. And I can see it.
Zimmerman – By Dugutigui

Acerca de Dugutigui

In the “Diula” language in Mali, the term « dugutigui » (chief of the village), literally translated, means: «owner of the village»; «dugu» means village and «tigui», owner. Probably the term is the result of the contraction of «dugu kuntigui» (literally: chief of the village).
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24 respuestas a zimmerman – (en)

  1. matthewexeter dijo:

    heavy stuff

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      I started with the idea of ​​a critical and humorous article, but I ended up more pissed than a mad monkey. I do not know what happened, but it is what it is …
      Thanks for commenting!

      • matthewexeter dijo:

        Thats ok, I always dislike when people show each other videos of torture or whatever on phones or on their computers. My view is that unless you have to experiance such things first hand or for the sake of a tough job, then people shouldn’t show them

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        In this context our time lashes fantastically sophisticated technology to the pursuit of medieval barbarism – as you say in the showing of videos of beheadings, or the use of mobile phones to film torture in prisons. A modern world, so frightening and seemingly uncontrollable, that inevitably feeds a desire to return to the infantile playing with toys which also characterises our pseudo-modern cultural world.

      • matthewexeter dijo:

        Well you could argue people need to see these things so in time we can do more about it, if our governments are not doing a good enough job. But I am weak of spirit

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        You also could gain power by pretending to be weak 🙂

      • matthewexeter dijo:

        perhaps :0)

  2. Sandee dijo:

    Rockin’ the stream of consciousness. Love it!

  3. Sandee dijo:

    Oh yeah, “He-goat” — thanks for that!

  4. kaldina dijo:

    Vaya!, nunca te había leído tan indignado.

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      Bueno, hace frío aquí, así que ¿qué he encontrado hoy para mantener el calor? Indignación, el mejor combustible conocido. Nunca se quema 🙂 🙂 No, en serio, quizá no haya un fenómeno que contenga una sensación tan destructiva como la “indignación moral”, que permite que la envidia o el odio actúen en el marco de la apariencia de la virtud. Se que mi post es bastante injusto. Bueno, no tanto, el tipo es un delincuente. Es esta vena latina, que me echa a perder 🙂 🙂 Y no me has leído tan indignado, porque eres nueva por aquí. Calculo que un 15% de mis post son similares, la peña ya está acostumbrada a estos desvaríos y supongo que se lo toman a choteo, como debe ser 🙂 🙂 Por otra parte estos cabreos literarios me permiten usar muchos elementos imposibles en otro tipo de escritura, a ver sino como podría insertar la “bisectriz de las nalgas” en un artículo de nanotecnología…
      Por otra parte me encanta como escribes y te he dejado un comentario en tu “Nota del Editor” 🙂 🙂

      • kaldina dijo:

        Gracias, a mi me pasa igual, a veces me dejo llevar por mi chuky interno y después leos artIculos y me da cosa, pero los dejo tal cual, la emotividad es imoortante dentro de la escritura.
        A mi también me gusta como escribes.

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        Sí. De acuerdo contigo, aunque me cuesta creer que una chica con cara de buena persona [como tú] pueda llevar un Chucky dentro 🙂 🙂 Espero [por el bien de tus conocidos] 🙂 que no ocultes dentro el alma que mediante vudú te haya traspasado un asesino en serie… 🙂 🙂 Aunque claro nunca se sabe… lo que me lleva a pensar que lo tuyo sería aun más peligroso: Chucky al fin y al cabo es físicamente bastante desagradable, lo que no es evidentemente tu caso… 🙂 🙂 🙂 vamos, como para dormir con un ojo abierto… Jajajajaja!

      • kaldina dijo:

        jajaja… Gracias!! Vea pues, nunca pensé salir piropeada :D.. Pero lo de Chuky es real y también metafórico, aunque en realidad no soy tan mala… más bien soy como Soraya de María la del Barrio… Y si quieres ver mi Chuky de verdad mira una foto http://marielaibarra.com/2012/10/15/igor-el-malvado-muneco-ruso/

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        Que dulce tu Chucky. Mira que es feo el cabroncete, pero que envidia jajajajaja. Bueno, a mi me gusta mucho la filosofía y esas gaitas, pero aún hay cosas que me gustan más y que están localizadas —y localizables— en el mundo real, así que no te extrañe salir piropeada. De todos modos, con unos 8.7000 Km. de agua por medio, no creo corras mucho peligro. Y además tienes a tu Igor para espantar a todo mundo… 🙂

      • kaldina dijo:

        jajaja… Si, generalmente me basta dejarlo sobre la cama cuando no estoy para espantar cualquier intruso.

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        Yo ando en el proceso de deshacerme de mis demonios, lo que implicará perder mis ángeles de la guardia 🙂

  5. I can feel a passion behind your words. I like it.


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