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I got my professional teeth at the beginning of the eighties, tumbling between scrambled places, with no email or mobile phones. A time we pursued for better as hungry wolves, and we could break our horns to sign in first line. Among us was the greatest concentration imaginable of loutish, alligators and hustlers per square foot. It was a picturesque rock of crafty ones, unscrupulous, capable, with steady hand, of killing their mother or prostituting their sister for a good quarrel.
Perhaps because a certain nostalgia of those days, today I am seduced by the fine spinning of so many dumb-ass, as the latest cubed political correctness they nailed us a few days ago on the radio, telling in Afghanistan we have nabbed one of those who plant mines there as others plant tomatoes here, a suspected Taliban. I was in the middle of the breakfast with a coffee in one hand and a cupcake in the other, and I almost choked when listening because a very treacherous laughing fit, glups, and the products going the old path.
I imagined the individual: a lifelong Afghan, with beard, turban, knife between the teeth and AK-47 in the bandolier Allahu Akbar plan, son of the ones who disemboweled the Russians in Panjshir Valley, grandson of those who gutted the British in the Khyber Passage, and with the helpmate dragging the burka for those stony paths, sensitive, as Afghans are, to nuances and headlines, filing a complaint against the Western Media for being called Taliban, bluntly, and not suspected Taliban, with his rights and duties, and the export-import ACME democracy to take shape there at any moment, it’s all sit and talk, and for this it took some time convincing them to adopt, like us, the Big Mac, the Ultra-Purex softener and the BIC lighter.
Moreover, as each Jesus knows, there is no war in Afghanistan, but an alleged humanitarian situation, although uncomfortable, where alleged bullets are allegedly fired and alleged mines put and bombs thrown. There, when an armored is stuck by a hard kick or falls off a helicopter, is not an act of war, simply because no war there. What we have is a situation of peace allegedly fucked.
Suspected Taliban – Dugutigui’s free translation of a text by A. Pérez Reverte

Acerca de Dugutigui

In the “Diula” language in Mali, the term « dugutigui » (chief of the village), literally translated, means: «owner of the village»; «dugu» means village and «tigui», owner. Probably the term is the result of the contraction of «dugu kuntigui» (literally: chief of the village).
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20 respuestas a suspected taliban – (en)

  1. NC Coot dijo:

    Despite your dubious breakfast, this is a really important piece. I LOVE your last line, out of many, many wonderful lines. Great post, D!

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      Interesting post and video, the latter a bit light for my taste… Thanks for sharing your other blog which I found quite different than the one I’m used to visit. Really, thanks!

      • Perhaps my readership is more ‘light’ than yours? Probably sums up the British.

        Or to look at it another way, I found the video, simple, succinct, and to the point. But also, it was important to know who the narrator was. If you posted a video narrated by an older Spanish politician would I appreciate the significance? Unlikely.

        My other blog? Es mi otro lado. Or la otra cara. Quien sabe que es la verdad?

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        It wasn’t a critic to the video, just a personal point of view. And it’s true, simple, succinct, and to the point.
        On posting a video narrated by an older Spanish politician, well, unlikely, first because I do not post other people videos, and much less by politicians, and much much less Spanish politicians, older or young.
        Re your other side, I have to say I like it so far and I have to find some spare time to check it properly…
        ¿Quien sabe que es la verdad? Como le comentaba a otra amiga más arriba…
        “The whole “reality is an illusion” idea has been kicked around by everyone from Siddhartha to the existentialists… so the truth? … Provided we can’t be sure our life is really our life, or is actually the dream of a butterfly … or is a complex computer simulation indistinguishable from “real” reality… what would the difference be?
        Don’t worry; it’s been just a glitch in the Matrix ”

  2. oh dear D. … the breakfast is not dubious at all …and yes, the peace is quite damaged (I wanted to use another word but I thought twice… 😛 ) in many territories….
    this Bin-Laden and other threats are interesting stories… but maybe only stories???

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      The whole “reality is an illusion” idea has been kicked around by everyone from Siddhartha to the existentialists… so only stories here? … Provided we can’t be sure our life is really our life, or is actually the dream of a butterfly … or is a complex computer simulation indistinguishable from “real” reality… what would the difference be?

      Don’t worry; it’s been just a glitch in the Matrix 🙂

      • The concept of ” life is a dream, the real life is the next one” is very christian D. …
        Again, it was not my intention to ridicule or laugh at all… “only stories” meaning that some of these so-called threatening characters we see on news can be very fabricated for various purposes… ok, I am crazy, it would be impossible to fabricate an identity with today’s technology….
        the glitch was my comment…. 🙂

      • Dugutigui dijo:

        I didn’t think you try to ridicule or laugh at anything, in fact I would love if you do it from time to time … because this is why I write about, for intelligent people as you are to give me your opinion, and if different better, because in this way you force me to rethink about “clear” concepts. And I love to rethink everything everyday. Your comments won’t ever be a glitch, but the ones out there I most appreciate. 🙂

  3. Fay Moore dijo:

    Keep sticking those pins in. If only we all used our brains a bit more. . .and I loved your reader’s lobotomy video.

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      The truth is that I’m very short of time lately … which does not allow me to properly read the post of others as I should do… every day about 250 post enter the e-mail for review, and besides there is my real job, and write my own posts, so I can not do better … However I’ll take in consideration your comment.

  4. johnlegry dijo:

    Nicely written. Very good, intelligent, perceptive. Thanks for sharing.
    Manfred Max-Neef writes “We still favor the economic efficiency of greed and political dynamics of paranoia in a global system in which poverty keeps increasing and major scientific and technological effort is directly or indirectly aimed at destroying the human species.” Enthusiasm for unlimited economic growth and expansion faces real social and ecological collapse. Our goals are dangerously “incoherent with our historical reality.”
    I marked “follow” so I can read more of your work. all the best, j

    • Dugutigui dijo:

      Someone told me long ago: “When you’ll grow up you’ll discover that you defended lies, deceived yourself and suffered for foolishness. If you’re a good fighter, you won’t blame yourself for that, neither let your mistakes be repeated”. And in this reviewed time I’m, dreaming as if I were to live forever and living as if I were to die today, and I couldn’t agree more with the content of your accurated comment. Thanks for the “following” and so do I by never saying goodbye to anyone and never letting minds closest to me to leave. I take them with me wherever I go. Welcome here!

  5. 2chicgurls dijo:

    Hey! We nominated you for the versatile blogger award- check it out here!


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