one on martians – (en)

I really enjointed the last stuff of Stephen Hawking, dunno if he’s, or not, already crazted, but I enjoyed, as much as a South-Am politicious a Visa Gold, his last astrophysics’ thing, one on Martians. Says Don Stephen, who is not whoever, aliens could be dropping here any time sliming bad fluorescent gunk, and we better have no contact with them, ‘cos who knows, we may be taken for a ride with so much good vibes  messages sent into space, Earth calling, hello, hello, can you hear? you listen? with a photo of the children, a Bambi film, and that song of that little something, uó, uó, very nice 1 . Maybe this bundle home delivered awakes the turkeys up there, who may not be as good dudes as some believe, and they desire to pull up to have a look, roughly speaking, as Cortez, Pizarro and other fine neurosurgeons of Aztec and Maya civilizations and places like that did. And we kick the bucket, snuff it.
To me, however, the idea gives me an orgasmic rush. High one. I’m quite cloyed with this gooey intergalactic marmalade. Kind Martians, worthy parents. It always poaches my liver the modern trend, so politically correct, of coming up with the aliens as kind folks, more cultured and civilized than humans. Based on what I ask. Furthermore, I agree with pal Hawking: so much earthling bullshit. Same they come in space tires -imagine these malnourished Martians attended by psychologists and NGO’s- or aboard armored ships with more gadgets than the electronics department at Sears. Freaking out to see our stupicunt faces. We be earthlings and be peace and love! Jao!. Du yu spikinglis? And so and so.
It motivates me lot more these aliens scattering off the UFO feeling like wild-partying, high of plonk, hip, as a British in Ibiza, messing all lost with blandiblub fluid mucus, while the club makes them the V with two fingers on peace plan and good vibes, comrades. Don’t tell me don’t make you randy, for example, that of a viscous yellow being walking leaving a gelatinous trail behind, chuff, chuff, armed with an atomic laser ultrasonic solvent gun, entering the Senate to see whatsup… Yes, there are those days when you’d pay for being a Martian.
So for me, they should invade. I don’t think we’re going to get any worse.
One on Martians – Dugutigui’s free translation of a text by A. Pérez Reverte

About Dugutigui

In the “Diula” language in Mali, the term « dugutigui » (chief of the village), literally translated, means: «owner of the village»; «dugu» means village and «tigui», owner. Probably the term is the result of the contraction of «dugu kuntigui» (literally: chief of the village).
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28 Responses to one on martians – (en)

  1. NC Coot says:

    Sci-fi soft-core. I LOVE it!

  2. Nah, you’re just creative. If you were in a creative writing class, this piece would fall under Futuristic Fiction. I’ve always known you’re into aliens stuff after you reminded me about this guy I met when I was in grade school (whom you met after university), named E.T. 😀

  3. Dugutigui says:

    Oh yes, that other legend of a gentle visitor from the heavens, that came in peace and then died, only to come back to life… You right I love that little guy 🙂

  4. Madhu says:

    My understanding of aliens stops with that gentle creature 🙂

  5. Turber says:

    The Martians won’t invade! I think they prefer to wait and watch, they probably have bets going on, how fast we can destroy ourselves. 😉

  6. Creative again!!!! 🙂
    I really enjoyed the post on aliens – very vivid images, sparkling ideas and I really love Hawking… I also think the aliens have a lot of fun watching us… 🙂
    So, for this marvelous post on aliens I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award (yes, another Ponzy thing… 😀 … )
    Now seriously. You are one of the most creative people I know.
    Have a great day, D. 😀

    • Dugutigui says:

      This thing is piling up … please don’t love me soooo much 🙂

      Within last 7 days:
      1 Kreativ Blogger award (thank you Ela!)
      1 Versatile Blogger award (thank you Fay Moore!)
      1 Versatile Blogger award, again … (thank you Lisparc!)
      1 Very Inspiring blogger award (thank you Ela! Again!)

      I think I should stop writing posts and dedicate myself to collect awards… the fame you know … but hey, thanks a lot because I know you do it in good will… still if you don’t mind I will publish just one post as a compilation of the above mentioned… it will look as a photo post… and afterwards please give me a break… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 a family to feed, you know…

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahaah…. You are adorable….
        Oh my God, don’t stop writing, nor feeding the family, come on, where is your sense of humour??? 😛
        And good idea, make a compilation and 100 nominations!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. Fay Moore says:

    I hate things that can eat me, carve me, electrocute me, torture me. . .but you have me laughing again after a very bad morning.

    • Dugutigui says:

      Thank you very much! … that was the main intention: to make people laugh … if I have achieved it in your case, that’s my best reward 🙂

  8. My Brother

    Another post knocked out of the park!!

    Maybe we can send some of the dummies I talk about up in a UFO and have them come back with a little sense. Well…no. That’s asking for too much.

  9. I got started reading your posts, one after the other, and realized that i was laughing and not commenting. This last one really got me going!
    Klahtu barada nicto! (So why did you choose a photo of a nice alien? 😆

    Anyway, I love your Robin Williams-esque, stream-of-consciousness writing. That’s the way i started with my blog more than two years ago. However, I had a problem. No one read it. (What fun is writing to if no one reads it? Even I didn’t. Boring.) I think the reason is because my streams meandered south endlessly, and never dumped into any ocean. I have slowly, repeat slowly, begun to tighten up my writing, and (blessedly, according to some) abbreviating it. I tell you this because I am begging you, please, do not follow my example. I might have to stop laughing, and I never want to do that!

    BTW, thanks for the visits to my blog, and your “likes.” I shall do likewise, plus I shall subscribe, so I miss not a single laugh.

    • Dugutigui says:

      I’m happy you have changed your bad habits!
      And I’m surprised I have any similarity with Robin Williams, not my best dish, cinematically; also with you comment that nobody read your blog at the beginning. The problem could be interpreted as a consequence of the “bad habit” above mentioned… Hahahaha… no, seriously, I never had this problem, from day one I obliged my extended family to read my posts even before I publish them, and they have to continue in this way unless I stop paying their bills… Hahahaha.
      Also this is true, nobody has time to read long posts -it seems that everybody is running fast to nowhere-, so I also adapted my never-ending stories of the past for these more digestible short stories. No pain. This kinda greenish-blue marble, or the color it has now, is like it is…
      Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment that goes straight to my ego, especially the part where you say that you laugh with my posts, one after another, my best reward. 10Q and H5 for you and your wonderful blog!

    • Dugutigui says:

      BTW I’m not planning destroying the Earth!

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