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In Liberia there is a saying that goes: “only mad monkey loves old monkey”, a point of view, as an old monkey myself, I can’t help but to sign. 100%.
And somehow this saying has to do with the story of Mr. Tirafalo of Anchuah Town and his young wife Joyce, who have divorced after a brief marriage, and after Mrs. Lerubise cuts husband from their pictures
Tirafalo Lerubise, 57, revealed, to everyone that wants to listen, that he has parted ways with his wife, Joyce Lerubise (20), who showed with her actions that she was no longer interested in their marriage.
“The big mistake that she has committed, said Tirafalo, was to separate my pictures from hers in a number of photographs we took together, after a bitter quarrel”.
Apparently Mrs. Lerubise snipped out the pictures with a pair of scissors and Tirafalo translated that to mean she wanted to be out of marriage and the bed.
“In Grand Bassa, when one spouse does that is the end of marriage,” Tirafalo contended after the matter landed in the Monrovia Customary Court, where their customary marriage was nullified.
However, later ran through the town the different versions of both ex-spouses, in which the photographs issue merely presented an opportunity for them to part ways as they seemed to have long standing issues.
Tirafalo said besides his bitterness with his ex-wife for cutting him from their pictures he was tired of a malfunctioning marriage. He blamed Joyce for not bearing him children and denying him his conjugal rights.
“I was simply tired of my sexless marriage,” he said.
Joyce did not dispute denying his ex-husband sex saying she did so because he wanted unprotected sex, yet he was habitually hopping into bed with different women around the village.
In fact the divorced couple both admitted that Tirafalo fathered children outside wedlock.
“I accepted his mistakes and continued living with him but I insisted on using condoms for my health sake. There was no way I was going to let him infect me with sexually transmitted diseases because obviously he exposed himself to such risks when he engaged in extra marital sexual activities,” she said.
Tirafalo, however, disagree with two things: On one hand he did not see any problem with having sex outside wedlock. He is actually the one who volunteered information that he has children born out of wedlock and argued that he did so because he was sexually frustrated and wanted children. It also describes the issue of the condoms as a mere invention, “how then is it possible that she is pregnant by another man?” he asked.
“My wife denied me the conjugal rights and other women were available to give that satisfaction. I wanted children and they bore them for me. They gave me what my wife failed to give to me,” added Tirafalo, who is thinking of going back to the Court in an effort to find the culprit of impregnating his ex-wife and to ensure that he recovers all what he paid as dowry.
His efforts, however, will hardly bear fruit, because his wife has said he has no way to contact the truck driver responsible for the pregnancy.
“I had sex with a truck driver from Ivory Coast, and he can’t trace him because it was just a one night stand,” said Joyce.
Asked why she had to sleep with a truck driver she said she was hungry for sex.
Kene ke sule, and this is what I would tell the court.”
“And what about the day I caught her red handed in bed with a young man and instead of running away as could be expected, he threatened me before jumping back to bed again?” Tirafalo demands with clear anger -displaying his favorable disposition to the extra-marital affairs.
Meanwhile Joyce also revealed that Tirafalo, who suffered a stroke which left his face partly deformed and his other eye blind was, since the incident, characterized by self stigma and feelings of betrayal and jealousy.
“He started accusing me of not accepting his condition. He was ever sulking and started to be jealous of any male he saw in my company,” Joyce explained.
But Tirafalo was seeing it differently and said,
“She was embarrassed by my looks. When we married we vowed to stand with each other in health and sickness, but she would not accept my illness.”


Torn Apart – Dugutigui


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Acerca de Dugutigui

In the “Diula” language in Mali, the term « dugutigui » (chief of the village), literally translated, means: «owner of the village»; «dugu» means village and «tigui», owner. Probably the term is the result of the contraction of «dugu kuntigui» (literally: chief of the village).
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